Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dinner Discussion

Last night while we were eating dinner, Charlotte said, "My teacher told me that God is in our bodies." I asked what she meant and she said it again. I replied that Jesus is alive in our hearts. The conversation went as follows:

Sarah: How does Jesus lives in everyone's hearts? Does God make other Gods so everyone can have one? (This is a reference to the "helper Santas" at Christmastime.)

Char: Yeah, we each have God in our heart and when you drink milk, it goes through your heart to God.

Me: It's the spirit of God in your heart. You know how when you're in bed, afraid of a storm, and you pray for calm--then the calm comes? That's Jesus' peace in your heart.

Sarah: So that's The Holy Spirit? It's Holy and it's God's Spirit, right?

Charlotte (before I could respond): Yeah, and God lives in Alex's heart so we can't punch Alex in the heart or we'll be punching God and that will hurt God.

Me: You can't punch Alex in the heart because that will hurt Alex.

And with that, the conversation ended. How a conversation about the Trinity ended up about punching Alex is still a little confusing. Maybe next time we'll make better, less violent, spiritual headway


  1. I have to admit - this made me laugh. A lot. Kids' minds are amazing! But at least they're thinking it through. :)

  2. Oh I totally cracked up here at work! That's so funny!

    It's a hard concept anyway so I commend their thought process. Sounds like a conversation we'd have at our dinner table :)