Thursday, June 4, 2009


Charlotte has a nickname for Alex that I finally asked about today.

We were driving home from picking up Sarah from kindergarten when both girls started with their singy chant, "Doe BA-by, Doe BA-by, Doe BA-by." I've heard them sing this before but I couldn't figure out what they were saying so I asked.

Me: What are you saying, ladies?

Char: Doe BA-by

Me: I can hear what you're saying but what does it mean?

Char: I call him Doe Baby because his skin is pushy, like dough. And he's a baby so I call him baby. He's a Dough Baby.

Both girls: Dough BA-by, Dough BA-by, Dough BA-by.

I guess we all come up with nicknames for people and things. Her term of endearment makes total sense now that I know that she's saying "Dough Baby". She's a tactile learner/person so she defines things by how they feel. And I have to admit that his "pushy" skin IS kind of like dough so I get it.


  1. That is so funny! I love how she put that all together for a sing-song nickname :)

  2. lol nice, Devin and Wyatt both called Tonio " Tone" for some reason, and they still do even though they know its not his name. lol At least at this point they are sweet names, wait till later when they want rapper names like mine lol!