Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why not?

So many of my friends are"blogging" now and I have resisted for reasons even I don't understand. Maybe I thought I wouldn't have time. Maybe I figured I was too old and "out of the loop" to do it properly. Maybe I was just too lazy.

In spite of all of those excuses, I find myself here--blogging. I don't know that I'll have much of anything to say that's worth reading but here I am anyway.

Okay--here's a quick catch up:

1995--Graduated high school and entered Wright State University
1997--Started dating Andy; he left Wright State to finish school in Cleveland
2000--Andy moved back to Dayton and started working at LexisNexis after graduating from Cleveland State; got engaged
2001--Got married
2002--Bought our first home and became pregnant with our first child
2003--Sarah was born in April
2004--Became pregnant with Charlotte
2005--Charlotte was born in March
2006--Became pregnant with Sam; lost him to Trisomy 9 in November
2007--Became pregnant with Gabriel, Laura, & Joy; lost all three--Joy to Trisomy 1; no explanation for the other two; Bought our second home and finally sold our first home.
2008--Became pregnant with Erin and lost her in February to an unknown cause; Sarah graduated preschool and is headed to kindergarten in the fall; Char will start preschool in September

That's a BRIEF history. I'm sure that throughout my blogging "life" I'll expand on some of those but for now, it'll suffice.

Well, I'm a part of the blogging community now. It's official. Hello Blogosphere!