Thursday, June 26, 2008

Broken legs and a meal plan

Why does it seem that everything really does happen in threes? My friend's son, E, broke his tibia recently and sported a big, blue cast from thigh to toes for 3 weeks. Then, a friend of a friend broke her femur--and as the mother of children, you can imagine how much difficulty they are having.

So this morning I wake up to an email that my friend, Vicki, who is due to deliver her second child in the next week or two, was in the hospital last night. I was THRILLED to read the good news and hoping it was PINK news. As I read the email, I discover that she was at Children's Hospital with her two-year-old son who----broke his femur!! He's in a body cast and has to lie down for the next four weeks (minimum) and she's going to deliver this new baby any day now.

Feeling awful for her, our playgroup sprung into action and have set up 3 meals/week for the family for the month of July and we're heading into August now. It's fun to put all of this together but I wish it was just for the new baby and now for poor N's broken leg.

We'll be praying he heals quickly so he can enjoy his new brother or sister. That new kiddo is going to have one big story to tell about how Big Brother stole the the thunder from his/her birth!! :)

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  1. aspiring seamstress and boardgame nerd, eh? sounds like we would be two peas in a pod...

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