Friday, June 20, 2008

VBS and Mama Time

Today was the girls' last day of VBS. Last night they did a little performance for the parents. Sarah actually participated! She's really coming into her own. During her first year of preschool, she didn't really join in when her class was singing or doing hand motions. So it was exciting to see her doing the motions and singing with her friends last night. During the preschool part (Squeaky Beekers), Char just stood there sucking her thumb. That's pretty opposite of her personality so we were surprised. I'm sure as she's exposed to this kind of thing more often, she'll perk up.

One of the most exciting things about VBS wa the amount of Mommy Time I got this week. I shopped alone, got my hair cut, ran errands, and relaxed in my "spare" time. :)

I wish they had VBS every week.

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  1. We have VBS this week, in the evenings and it's going to kick my behind since I' back to work and I'm helping with crafts, but it's all good!