Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why not?

So many of my friends are"blogging" now and I have resisted for reasons even I don't understand. Maybe I thought I wouldn't have time. Maybe I figured I was too old and "out of the loop" to do it properly. Maybe I was just too lazy.

In spite of all of those excuses, I find myself here--blogging. I don't know that I'll have much of anything to say that's worth reading but here I am anyway.

Okay--here's a quick catch up:

1995--Graduated high school and entered Wright State University
1997--Started dating Andy; he left Wright State to finish school in Cleveland
2000--Andy moved back to Dayton and started working at LexisNexis after graduating from Cleveland State; got engaged
2001--Got married
2002--Bought our first home and became pregnant with our first child
2003--Sarah was born in April
2004--Became pregnant with Charlotte
2005--Charlotte was born in March
2006--Became pregnant with Sam; lost him to Trisomy 9 in November
2007--Became pregnant with Gabriel, Laura, & Joy; lost all three--Joy to Trisomy 1; no explanation for the other two; Bought our second home and finally sold our first home.
2008--Became pregnant with Erin and lost her in February to an unknown cause; Sarah graduated preschool and is headed to kindergarten in the fall; Char will start preschool in September

That's a BRIEF history. I'm sure that throughout my blogging "life" I'll expand on some of those but for now, it'll suffice.

Well, I'm a part of the blogging community now. It's official. Hello Blogosphere!


Tracey and Neil said...

Wow!! That's one helluva catch up!!!

Great to see you on here Deanna!

Janelle said...

It's about time!!