Thursday, November 26, 2009


This year, Thanksgiving has arrived with a renewed joy and gratefulness. In 2006 and 2007, Thanksgiving brought losses, sadness, and grief. In 2008, we were nervously expecting Alex but Thanksgiving brought new fear about his chances for survival and threats to my health. But this year is totally different.

Alex is a growing (and I mean really GROWING) boy with bright blue eyes and a smile that melts my heart. Charlotte is nearing 5 years old and has recently learned to read. I love her dark brown eyes and skinny, little legs. She's so silly and keeps our family laughing. And after a very close call and an extended stay at Dayton Children's, Sarah is returning to her normal self. While she is still down in weight and fatigues very easily, she is getting more energetic every day and her appetite is returning. Her giant brown eyes are bright once again and her infectious laugh is back to its full gusto. She has been drawing lots of turkey pictures and fretting about tornadoes again so we know she's back. Andy has been keeping busy with work and house projects. Today he is running the Turkey Trot and I'm so proud of his commitment to running. He turned to running last fall when it was too dark in the mornings to play basketball and somehow, the running has stuck. I admire his dedication.

This year, I'm thankful for so many things:

  • A wonderfully supportive husband who leads our family with careful thought and sets an amazing example for our children
  • A nervous 6-year-old who worries about the seemingly strangest of things but is creative, energetic, and full of curiosity
  • A silly 4-year-old who talks incessantly and enjoys playing alone, even if she does still suck her thumb
  • A bright-eyed, bouncing baby boy who loves to pound on his bee toy and giggles when I tickle his roly-poly thighs
  • Long-time friends with whom I don't need to be in constant contact but when we do see each other, it's like we've been talking all along
  • New friends who make me feel like a fun person again and who remind me of the things I cherish most in friendships
  • Supportive family who showers us with love and generous encouragement
  • An encouraging church family who provided so much more than just meals during our time of need
  • A warm home that shelters our family
  • A pantry full of food to nourish our bodies
  • Knowledgeable doctors who help us keep ourselves and our children healthy and strong
  • A strong, proud, BRAVE military devoted to keeping our nation safe.
  • And most importantly, I'm thankful for a loving God who guides my life and to whom I turn in good times and times of struggle for guidance and wisdom. Without Him in my life, I cannot imagine living.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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