Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yeseterday, DH came home from work to find a dead bird in the grass under the basketball hoop. The girls were intrigued but Charlotte was bordering on obsessed. She said, "Call me when dinner is ready. I'm going to look at the birdy."

So while the girls were playing outside today, I didn't think about it when they were talking about the bird. They know not to touch it or anything, right?

Char rang the doorbell and Sarah tried to let her in. She came to me and said, "Mom, Char wants to bring the baby bird in the house."

I bolted to the front door to find Charlotte on the front porch carrying the dead bird by the neck, albeit very lovingly. I immediately told her to drop the bird and come in the house. We washed hands several times and sanitized twice. I changed her clothes and called the pediatrician. Because Char is snuggly and a thumbsucker, my main concern was that she sucked her thumb after touching the bird or tried to smooch it. YUCK!!!

The pediatrician said to wash her hands (check!), change her clothes (check!), and wash her face/neck (check!). So I think we're good, but the thought of her sucking her thumb or kissing that thing--barf!!!!!!

It's never a dull day around the Murphy home.


  1. I thought girls didn't get that interested in dead things? I don't think I did when I was little, but I guess it doesn't matter - some things are just too interesting for anyone to resist!

    I'm glad Charlotte is ok!

  2. Ugh! That's nasty!

    We have a dead bird-we think it snapped it's neck flying into a window, guess I should go move it, huh?