Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chocolate Ritz

Andy gave the girls each one Girl Scouts Thin Mint cookie for dessert last night. When I got home from running an errand, I asked if they'd had dessert (Charlotte forfeited her dessert earlier in the day when she snuck some candy into the office so I was fishing for information), they responded, "Yes! We had one chocolate Rit!" I think it's hilarious that they think that a singular Ritz cracker is called a "Rit" anyway and to explain the taste of Thin Mints as chocolate Ritz just makes it even funnier.

The girls are about to nap so I think I might treat myself to a couple of chocloate Ritz while they're sleeping.


  1. As well you should treat yourself!

    I love how their minds correlate things.

  2. It is amazing how kids put it... I had a little kid in my swim class tell me he eats worms, and I gasp, and express concern, and another little girl pipes up and tells me that she eats "gummy" worms. Oh, I forgoten about those candies. Glad the Boy agreed shaking his head to the girls response.