Monday, January 19, 2009

Bed Rest rears her ugly head

Last week, I started to swell. It's always my first symptom of preeclampsia and when I checked my blood pressures, they were higher. "Cankles" was given a whole new meaning on Thursday when I had rolls, yes rolls, of inflated skin on my ankles. My feet were flowing over the tops of my slippers (which aren't normally tight enough to leave indentations) and my legs looked like tree trunks. YUCK! I couldn't stop laughing at the sight of my own legs so Andy took a picture.

Friday morning, I called my OB, Dr. E, and her office suggested I page the on-call doc (my high-risk OB, Dr. B). because she had left for a delivery. I told him what what happening and he sent me to the hospital for overnight observation and tests. I had some elevated protein level in my urine but according to him, they weren't high enough to deem immediately delivery necessary. So now I'm on bed rest. Bed-to-bathroom, bathroom-to-couch, couch-to-bed. Bummer.

We only have two weeks until the amniocentesis and 16 days until the scheduled induction. I can definitely survive two weeks of bed rest. Andy has been great about making me lie down and helping with the girls, the meals, the laundry, etc. He's always been very astute in his role as Bed Rest Nazi.

I have an appointment with Dr. E tomorrow and another BPP on Wednesday so we'll get another look at our baby. At our last BPP, Baby measured almost 4 weeks too big. Since about 12 weeks, Baby has been consistently meauring large by about 3 weeks so it wasn't surprising to see Baby so large last week. Dr. E has said that if we weren't already planning an early induction, the size of the baby might have necessitated one anyway. HA!!

Additionally, I think we've decided on a girl name finally (the boy name has been decided for a long time). We've gone back and forth on the girl name and had narrowed the first name contenders to two possibilities. (We had decided on a middle name.) Andy came home from work last week and said he thought that he'd decided he liked on more than the other and since I was pretty neutral on both names (though I was leaning slightly more toward the other name), I thought we should go with his choice. He kind of caved on Charlotte's name when she was born; I think he preferred one of the others we had lined up. So it seemed pretty fair that we should go with the one he liked this time. He said that it doesn't matter anyway because he thinks it's a boy. I'm banking on girl since we seem to have a track record of XX babies.

I guess we'll find out in 16 days. In the meantime, here's a photo of Baby's face last week.


  1. Ah girlie! Look at those ankles! Just keep them up as much as you can. Easier said than done though I'm sure!

    I can't believe it's that close already! Just make these last couple of weeks count for growing the baby strong to be able to come early. Take care of yourself (or let Andy do it for you, he's such a great guy!).

  2. I think I suffered thru those a few times too. lol as far as bed rest goes that would hard to just lay there, my best idea would be to think of it as a vacation. To bad im not up there, with all my massage lessons I could hook you up plus I cant wait to see your new baby! Hang in there girl.