Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Today I'm thankful for so many things:

  • My wonderful husband
  • Two beautiful daughters
  • Five precious Angels watching over our family
  • A growing, thriving baby kicking my belly
  • Our warm home
  • The gift of friendship
  • A loving extended family
  • The blessing of a large, nourshing meal
  • Intelligent doctors
  • A sunny morning for Andy's race
  • And the comfort of God's grace, without which, none of these blessings would exist.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Janelle said...

How did Andy do?

Deanna said...

He did really well! He finished in 45:50. He came in 51st in his division of 140 and 1,924th out of the more than 5,500 that finished. We're so proud of him!!